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I wrote an independent appreciation about my good friend Len a couple of years ago.

Something about;

The times he was the essence of a mercurial spirit;

- A glimpse of sunbeams chasing rainbows
- Or dust devils embracing coolabah trees
- Rippling the surfaces of a billabong.

Well nothing has changed;

He is still concerned with friendship, business, promotions and his unique organisation skills, all formed around his sharp intuition, enthusiasm, competitive spirit, common sense and a genuine feeling for his colleagues and mates, to which his auto-science and technology would of course add the finishing touches.

Dear Reader,
I commend you to his array of beautiful vehicles and services
It’s a win/win situation
I assure you.
Ron B
Roseville Chase 2016

Good Morning Gentlemen, As requested I have attached the registration papers for the Volkswagen polo. Can you please advise what time today I’ll be able to pick up the Range Rover Sport. It was really good doing business with both of you (Len & NicK) I will definitely come back and see you in a few years when I upgrade the Range Rover. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. Hugo.H

Hi Len, Just to let you know that NXS32T is driving like silk! Have got a new lease on life. Everyone says that the tanzanite blue is gorgeous. Some of my friends will probably call you!! Many thanks. Ron & Cecily.

Hi Len, Just to keep you in the picture. Jon is a genius! He seems to have found the problem is a tiny sensor on the drive shaft which links with the SBC “Hold” relay. As we said everything else is running beautifully. Be nice to Jon!! Regards, Ron